Hub and spoke model

    A management or leadership style where all information is gathered, and decisions are made by an individual(s), the hub. It also represents employees or members who contribute to the information gathered and the success of the ‘hub’. This allows members to have a more flexible work plan that can reflect various social justice uprisings.


    Refers to all those who identify as Black, a Person of Colour, Indigenous, or a part of a community that identifies with a specific underrepresented race.


    Refers to a person or group of individuals who are inadequately represented, such as persons who identify as Black, Indigenous, Person of Colour, a member(s) of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community or a person with differing abilities.

    Social justice

    Social justice is justice related to a fair balance in the distribution of opportunities and privileges within communities where individuals’ rights are recognized and protected.

    Systemic racism

    Systemic racism includes practices that exist throughout communities or organizations that lead to and support unfair advantages to some individuals and discriminatory or unfair treatment of some individuals based on race or ethnicity.